28. 6. 2016

Bookish things that annoy me

Reading is a pleasurable activity in which you can escape the reality and forget about your problems because why deal with problems when you can run away, right? But truly reading gives us so many opportunities to live other lives and experience unimaginable adventures outside our ordinary lives. Well, when I put it like this, it seems that being a bookworm is just simply an amazing thing. Wrong. There are so many thinks we as bookworms have to deal with and sometime, they can be annoying.

19. 6. 2016

Things I learned thanks to writing stories

Writing can be not only relaxing hobby (ehm, who am I kidding it's a torturous device designed by the biggest evil in the world because one cannot stop but suffers so much), but also learn a lesson about this confusing little world we live in. Or life in general. One can't have enough of life lessons.

Now I will kindly share wisdoms I learned throught those numerous years I've been writting... ok, I've been trying to write stories.

15. 6. 2016

The Way Back To You by Michelle Andreani | Road trip + feelings and lots of laughing

There is something about books aobut road trips that makes me want to read them. It's probably my desire to travel more and get to know the world around me. Naturally, when I saw this book is about characters exploring the USA, I was sold.

Let me present you all the feeling that the book left me with because it would be shame not to talk about this story. Also, I like it so much that I need to talk about it. So please, if you read it, let's fangirl together and if you didn't go grab a copy and come join us.

10. 6. 2016

Bookish Confessions

Hello there! 

First of all, I love books, I think that is quiet apprarent from the content of this blog. Therefore I'm trying to treat them as best as possible but it's not always possible. Sometimes, I want to love the book so much but it's impossible because the characters are just annoying and the story is boring and I want to throw it out of my window. Don't look at me like that, I'm sure you know that feeling. 

And so it's only natural that I don't treat them as I should... I mean, even I'm just a human although it may not look like that. So this is my list of bookish confessions.

1. When I don't like a book, I just don't finish it

I know, I know... even bad book need affection but there is so many books and so little time so it's understandable that when I don't like book, I choose not to waste time finishing it. At first, I felt guilty for abandoning them but now I think it's better than suffering. In my perfect universe, every book would be perfect then there'd be no unfinished book and everyone would be happy and there'd be unicorns dancing around us... uhm I got a little bit carried away. 

2. I write into books

Okay, I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing and I absolutely adore books with anotations but some people can see it as a violation of a perfectly good book. Now, I'm totally against stains and torn pages but notes... that's my thing. It's just makes the book more personal and beautiful and it shows my love for it. I mean how can you after this argument see it as a bad thing? Tell me it makes you start writing notes in your book... please? 

3. I tend to read books that have 4* and more on Goodreads...

...because I'm judgmental like that. I know it's bad to judge what I'm going to read according to rating of strangers but it works for me. The rating is there for some reason. Of course, I look at the synopsis because I need to know whether the book sounds interesting or not and sometimes it doesn't need to have perfect rating but well-written synopsis and I'm hooked. But again, so many books, so little time and after so many years of reading I have my ways of picking up books that I most probably will like. 

4. I like to be the first one to read newly published book

Who wouldn't like to be the first one to read new bestseller and then tease all the other readers who didn't get to it yet? It's such a good feeling knowing you are ahead of someone. But even this has its downfall... you have no one to talk about the cliffhanger. That can be excruciating pain... especially if your friends are stubborn and don't listen to your arguments why they should read that amazing book right in that moment. Oh, the struggles are real. 

5. I tend to read books because of their covers and how nice it will look on my bookshelf

Okay, this post is heavily aimed at my flaws... especially at my judgmental side. But hey, if you never wanted to read a book because of its cover then you're a liar. Or a really good person. Please teach me not to be shallow!!! When I see a beautiful cover on goodreads AND the rating is good AND the synopsis blows my mind then I get the copy and pray for it to be awesome. And if it isn't... well at least it looks nice, right?

6. I keep forgetting the names of characters... 

...especially of the main ones. Really, it's strange because sometimes I can remember the name of heroine cousin's dog that died seven years ago and no one remembers him, but I cannot remember the name of the main heroine. I think it's because they don't adress themselves because it would look weird "Cathrine did this and did that..." and I like to think that I get into the story so much that me and heroine become one person. On the other hand I have no problems with remembering names of sexy and charming guys that heroine falls in love with.

Now it's your turn. What bookish confessions can you name? Do you have any or are you perfectly perfect, let me now I want to worship you. 

3. 6. 2016

Notes in my book

Hello there! 

Today I'd like to talk about sensitive issue... my notes... in my books... written with a pencil... yes, in the actual book, you heard me well. Some of you may think "Oh my God, how barbaric! How could you violate our precious books in such a way?! Believe me, about a year ago, I would ask those same questions, but something changed. 

I watched a booktuber Ariel Bissett one day and she was talking about anotating her own books and even though her idea seemed crazy to me at that time, there was something appealing about the reasons behind it. It sounded interesting and I wanted to try it. Mostly because I didn't know, and still don't know, anybody who would do this thing and I wanted to be the first among my friends because then I would be super-amazing... or they'd burn me at the stake like a witch. 

The first touch of a pen with the paper of my beloved book Splintered was exciting and scary at the same time. Until then I believed that books should be in a pristine condition and that's why I treated them like a sacred thing and God forbid if the book had bend page or something like that. No, my books had to look as brand new ones. So to write with a pen (I started by using pen, but now I use pencil because it's softer and I like how it looks better) in my favourite book was a big step and I didn't know if I'm going to hate it or not. Luckily, I loved it. I loved it so much that I marked the whole series with my colourful pen. And I most definitely DID NOT reget it. 
Now before you go away disgusted by my actions (hopefully, there are some souls that do the same... please... I cannot be the only one!) let me explain the reasons behind anotating my books. While reading a book I have a lot of feelings and thoughts and I need to express them so I write them down into the book. Imagine this as putting a piece of my soul into the book so it can live with the characters and the story forever. This makes me like the book even more. I don't usually write into books I don't like so when you grab a copy from my bookshelf and it's marked with colorful stickers, post-it notes and anotations, you know it's one of my favourites. This way I can go back and remember what I was feeling when I was reading it and smile at my thoughts. Or laugh at my poor attempt to be funny. 

The best thing about this is that I'm not afraid to lend my books. Don't get me wrong, I still force the person to sign a contract about returning the book in its original state without any scratches or stains because I'm still overprotective, but I want to lend them because then the person is reading the book with my thoughts in it and it's as if the person is reading the book with me which is the most amazing feeling. And they like it too. Mostly because my notes are funny and awesome and they like me. 
I realised that when I love a good book I want to show it that it matters to me and this is my way of showing love. It may seem like a twisted way to say "Hey, I really liked you, the story was amazing and I cried at the end!" but it's  my way of personalizing MY book. I don't want blank stories on my bookshelf (uhm, blank story is probably blank paper, but hopefully you know what I mean). I want my books to be screaming "We belong to Simone!"  When you look at my books, you can see whether I cried or I melted from the adorable couple, you will see whether the book made me think about the topic or I just rode on the adventurous wave. It looks cool. I was even thinking about using highlighters to highlight my favourite quotes but I'm still unsure. I'm afraid it will bleed through. 

I get that this is not for everybody. Some people like to have pristine books, some people like beaten up copies and some people like to anotate. This is the beauty of having diversity among readers. I just wanted to show you my way of personalizing books and that it can have deeper meaning and it can look good. 

Now it's your turn. Have you thought about anotating your books? Do you anotate your books or you wouldn't be able to? What is your opinion on writing into the books? 

24. 3. 2016

Book or ebook? Which one is better?

Welcome to the blog post in which I declare my love to books because they are adorable bundles of joy and they smell good and oh my the feeling of turning the next page, not knowing what's going to happen. How can ebooks even compare? They don't smell nice. You turn pages by clicking. You cannot randomly shut the book and admire the beautiful cover. I mean... you can, but it's a lot harder. So, are real books really better? Let's look at that. 
1. The smell. We all know how good real books can smell. When I get a new one, I immediately bury my nose in it. I cannot be the only one. Right? RIGHT?! 

2. The feeling when you hold it while reading. Ok, can we agree that there's nothing better than sitting in your favourite reading place and have the actual copy in your hands? Maybe have your favourite snack at the reach of your hand. Yeah, that's the perfect moment. Just imagine that hard spine and the paper under your fingertips... and don't let me start on the way the paperbacks bend. 

3. The fact that you can appreciate them standing in your bookshelf. I love looking at my bookshelf and it's not just because my granpa made it for me. When I see how it overflows with beautiful books that are dear to me and mean so much to me, my heart melts. 

4. It easier and more fun to take photos of real books. Have you seen the amazingness that is bookstagram? People are so talented with composition and they have incredible ideas when it comes to book photography. But have you seen ebooks there? Because I haven't. Maybe one or two and it's sad. I'm sure they want to model as much as real books! 

5. NOTES! Ok, this one is totally personal preference but I love to write notes in the book when  I'm reading it. I know, I know, it's barbaric, please don't kill me! I just love them sooo much I want to give them something in return and the something is piece of my chaotic mind and soul so basically it's beautiful thing to do, right? Again, please don't kill me
1. We are saving trees because we don't use the paper, right? At least I like to thing about ebooks as a ecological reusable books that are nicer to the world around us. In reality, the technology probably wants to brainwash us and take control over our civilization...

2. You can take your whole library with you when travelling. Ereaders are actually really handy. I always pop them in my handbag when I go to school and it's awesome because they are light and I can read whenever I want. Even during the boring lecture that last for two hours. And I can pick whichever book I want!!! ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! Also, public transport is much more bearable with ebook in hand and I cannot read real book while standing in the bus - I'm clumsy and it would end up badly either for me or for the book. Or the passangers. Basically, it would be one painful mess.

3. Ebook are cheaper. Yeah, we pay for a digital file but still, it's cheaper than the real book. I buy ebooks especially when I'm not sure if I'll like it because I don't know the author or for some other reason. Also, there's netgalley or amazing deals on amazon. There's this bookbub thing that will send you email with amazon discounts and notifications which is pretty cool. 

4. You won't get cramps while holding it. I'm sure you've all had a really heavy book that was nearly painful to hold in your hands. Well, that won't happen when reading the ebook. I mean, I like to workout my arms but in the gym not while reading. That's probably after my gym time and I'm too weak to even lift the page. 

5. It shows you how much percent you have left. I like to track my progress and how fast I'm reading because I'm obssessed with improving my speed and it's easier to look at percents rather then count how many pages I've read in 10 minutes. It save time! But that's probably just my weird obssession. 

All in all, it depends on YOUR personal preference. Whether you like only book or only ebook, or like me, you love both of them the same, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that we are reading amazing stories and for all I care, you can read on your phone or computer or even listen to the audiobook. I constantly hear hate on ebooks because they are not real and yada yada yada. But why cann't we except that we're all different and we like to read differently? I use my ebook almost every single day and I also give love to my real books. Everyone is happy and dancing on the rainbow clouds. 

Ok, now it's your time to tell me what is your preference. Do you like real books or ebooks? Are you fan of both? Would you add something to the pros? 

13. 3. 2016

To read or to write, that's the question!

I am indecisive person. And it's not like I cannot make an important decision. I can. But when there are two small things I love to do and I don't have that much time for both of them, that's when the problem begins. 

Reading vs. writing is the biggest problem for me. 

Sometimes I feel like writing. You know the moment when you desperately need to sit down and just open the folder with your story and pour all your emotions into the imaginary world you created? Yes, that feeling is amazing! Of course up until it's broken by you actually opening the document and staring at the blank page or rather at your last sentence, not knowing what to type next. Anybody feeling the same? Please, tell me I'm not the only one who's got troubles continuing with her story even though she knows how it should go. 
But the martyr I am, I stare at it for a few long minutes, sometimes it stretches to half an hour, when I close the document and the folder, frustrated because this is another day I didn't write anything. Oh, don't worry, sometimes it's better and I add one new sentence to the pile that tries to look like a decent story. And that's the moment when I say screw it and run to the nearest book because I'm in big need of therapy and what better way to brighten your mood with already existing world and great storyline? 

If there are more days like this one, it's easy for me to abandon the story I created and read books rather than write. I mean, I can either sweat blood and cry pieces of my soul because I cannot think of any good fight scene or I can safely lay in my bed with a book in my hands and the only bad thing that could happen is me not liking the book. And even that would be okay, because I'd be able to close it and pick another one. 
Yeah, balancing those two is hard for me and I can either write or read... and mostly I read. That's why I'm writing my story for two long years. I love books too much and I have a lot of them in my TBR list and there's this neverending pressure that I won't read them all and so I try to go through them as quickly as possible because I want all of them to feel my love... but then I forget about my own story and my own lovely characters. 

It can be hard to stick to your story and not reading books for a while when they're calling out your name and pleading for you to pick them up. Especially, when you're not in the writing mood for like... ehm... three months. I set my goal to read at least 5 books a month which should leave me plenty of time to actually write my story and it works, unless there are amazing sequels coming out and you need them all right in that moment. Argh, the life of bookworm and writer is so difficult! 

Okay, your turn. What are your tips and tricks to stick with your writing as well as reading? What are your secrets? Please, tell me, I'm desperate. Are any of you suffering from indecisivenes when speaking of writing and reading?

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