19. 9. 2016

Let's save the day! | The Mortal Song

Sora is living her happy life with her family on Mt. Fuji and the only thing that would make her birthday even better is if her parents let her take on the sacred kami duties. But the day of her birthday her home is attacked by ghosts and with the help of Takeo, she runs away. And that’s when Sora’s live starts to take different direction. She finds out that her powers are just borrowed and that in reality she’s just a human. Oh and let’s not forget that Mt. Fuji has been taken over by the vicious ghosts and that it will influence the whole world. Who’s going to save the day? 

9. 9. 2016

Is there something as too much plotting?

Last time I wrote about my marvelous plotting skills but then something happened. When I finished plotting the history for my world and I was about to continue to write the story, I thought: “Hold on. There are potions in my story. I should do an herbal. I definitely should write an herbal. Oh and when I finish it, I could do profiles for my characters. You know, just to know what they like and what they don’t like, what was their family background, what were their relationships, how often they’re ill, what they’re allergic too, how many freckles they have… Oh and after I could plot the story. You know, I need to have the scenes in order, I still don’t really know what will happen in the second part of the first book and OMG I don’t want to continue writing the story it’s too scary!!!!” 

Oh look, it’s my fear of actually writing again. Well, hello there, I haven’t seen you in a while. Oh and I certainly didn’t miss you. 

6. 9. 2016

How I plot my novels?

Sooo, I’ve been away for a while if any of you noticed. I’ve been at my grandma’s for the rest of the holidays, just helping her and enjoying the peace of the village. Though I must admit that people in the villages like gossips a lot. Like A  LOT. Which actually helped me with my novel because I’m writing about royal court and I want intrigues and gossips and that kind of stuff so it was quite educational.

Speaking of my novel I realized that it’s time to finally give it the attention it deserves and the problem with my novel was that I knew briefly what I wanted to write about and what will happen in the story but I came to a point where I realized that the details are missing and I wasn’t able to continue unless I sort my history out. That’s when I decided to put off writing for a while and dive into plotting because there are serious holes in my plot. Also, I tend to forget about people I created, for example the main princess has a brother and I just forgot to mention him in four chapters and then I realized: “Wait, she has a sibling!” I also tend to forget about guards, maids, lords, ladies…. They just keep disappearing! #wiritinglikeapro

Since I came back and I want to get back on track with my blog, I thought why not share my plotting experience (in reality I was totally out of blog post ideas… )

1. 8. 2016

About the fears of writing

So, I've been writing on and off for about nine years now and I would like to say that I have everything under control and I know precisely what I'm doing, but it's the complete opposite. I would think that after so many years of writing and sharing my stories, my fear of sharing the novel idea would disappear but again, it's the complete opposite. About six years ago, I was diagnosed with the writing blok and that's when my fear got really strong because I wasn't able to finish any story. And I mean NO story at all. I had a lot of good ideas, I wanted to write, but when it came to actually writing it, I got bored throughout the sixth chapter and gave up. 

I feel like my writing became quite the fearfull little animal you want to cuddle and take care of but it's really easy to get scared and run away. I feel like I need to be careful of my writing and not show my novel idea to everybody because what if I don't finish again? Maybe there's someone out there in the same position and this might help him not feel that bad. So let's examine my fears. 

21. 7. 2016

How to read more books?

Lately I looked at my Goodreads challenge and I was surprised by the number showing up. I've read 78 books yet and it's the middle of the year!!!! For someone it might not be much but for me it's record. That's crazy! I don't even know how that happened because I had uni, I was getting enough sleep as well as social life. Though I think I might know what it did so let's jump right to my tips and tricks on how to read more books. I know you want to read faster. We all have that big TBR pile that's threatening us with cruel death.

16. 7. 2016

Reading one book at a time?

When you think about it, books are magical artefacts containing infite number of worlds to which we can travel through imagination. If that's not magic, then I don't know what is. Though most people read one book at a time and devote to it all their time and energy and imagination, it doesn't work for me. I need diversity. I need to have options. I need to read them all at the same time because my TBR is threatening me to suffocate me in my sleep. And that's a really dangerous image. I don't get the plots confused or the characters so it doesn't affect my reading. Only in that aspect that I get more reading done. 
I'm one of those people who reads many books at the same time and their currently reading pile on Goodreads has no ends. Why? Simply because I read on diferent devices. Let me show you. 

11. 7. 2016

Summer Bucket List a.k.a plans I will probably fail to accomplish

I like to set up my goals and plan a lot. Like A LOT. I'm one of those people who on the New Year's Day are like "Yeah, let's do this! This year is going to be awesome! I have so many goals! I will achieve them! I will be awesome. Yeaaaah." And then I fail to accomplish them.

Look, it's middle of the summer and I just created my summer bucket list... list of things I will at least try to accomplish and hopefully I won't fail. But better late then never, right?

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